Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why a Garden Mulch is Better Than a Pre-Emergent Weed Killer For Preventing Winter Weeds

As the winter in Mediterranean climates is also the rainy season, weeds can germinate and cover wider areas so rampantly, that the gardener is usually interested in preventing weeds or at least keeping them down before they spread, develop, and really start to cause problems. In large-scale situations, the professional landscaper may resort to using pre-emergent herbicides, which kill the weeds shortly after they’ve sprouted. Some products are available for application in the private garden, and many home gardeners are attracted by the thought of their garden being weed-free for the duration of the winter.

There are a number of excellent reasons however, why the temptation should be resisted, especially considering that an alternative in the form of organic mulch, does exist, at least for the small scale of the private garden. Before dealing with the benefits of organic mulch, let’s look at the drawbacks of applying pre-emergent weed killers.

We should go forward with this short article. *Pre-emergent herbicides possess residual properties, meaning that their poisonous ingredients are active in the topsoil for a certain period of time. The correct dosages per square meter or yard have to be strictly adhered to, in order to avoid damage to neighboring plants, and to the health of the soil itself. This entails careful calibration of the sprayer, something that’s easier to do in large open spaces, but far more difficult in small spaces.

How To Grow Garlic With Container Organic Gardening

*Most products are in any case, entirely unsuited to private gardens, as they can’t be applied near herbaceous plants. The few that are suitable are usually available in granular form as well as liquid solutions to be sprayed. It’s not easy from my experience to spread accurately the granules according to the weight per area ratio specified by the manufacturer.

*Even when applied completely properly, the herbicides will adversely affect the soil’s fauna and flora, killing or driving out a wide range of organisms that inhabit the soil and contribute to its ecological balance. This has far-reaching consequences for pest and disease control, and for the desired crumbly structure of the soil. In spite of this, pesticides in general, are a serious source of river and lake pollution.

The best alternative for weed prevention is to spread some form of organic mulch, such as decorative wood chippings, on the ground and between the plants. While a mulch layer is generally ineffective against perennial weeds, by preventing germination, it’s probably the best measure against annual weeds. Experience shows that the anti-germination properties of organic mulch are far superior to those of inorganic materials such as pebbles or stones. Having said that, as opposed to herbicides, it contributes massively to the positive state of the soil; the medium in which the plants grow. These can be summarized as follows.

*Organic mulch acts as an insulating layer for the topsoil, regulating the temperature at this crucial level. In the mild winters common to Mediterranean climates this may be less significant, but it’s tremendously important in reducing the topsoil temperature during the summer, where highs of 50c aren’t uncommon. Many physiological processes, such as water and mineral uptake, are severely retarded at these topsoil temperatures.

*Organic mulch slowly breaks down to add rich humus to the soil, thereby improving the soil’s crumbly structure (and thus its aeration), and expanding the volume and range of the soil’s fauna and flora. In this regard, it also provides raw material for essential soil organisms, such as earthworms, and so can be seen not only as a weed prevention measure, but in direct distinction to pre-emergent weed killers, as a soil and environment enhancing measure as well.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Get Healthy by Planting a Vegetable Garden & Save Money on Your Grocery Bill

Instead of laying down a lawn and multiple flower beds in your back garden, why not think about using part of this for planting a vegetable garden instead.

Planting a vegetable garden is a great way to spend time after a hard stressful day at work and at the same time getting in touch with nature. You’ll also take great pride in watching your hard labour develop day by day with an end result to be proud of. By implementing a planting programme throughout the year, you’ll be able to have a supply of vegetables all year round; you’ll also improve your health by eating more healthily and at the same time lessen you food expenses.

This may easily be a very important part of this study. MONEY SAVING STRATERGY: it is very difficult these days to ignore the soaring prices of food items especially fresh vegetables. It may be that your back garden is small and your vegetable garden may not provide all that you need or require, but it’ll I am sure have a dramatic effect in reducing your weekly/monthly food bill and that must appeal to you.

Growing vegetables on your balcony – Part two – YouTube: Growing vegetables on your balcony in a small space with very little effort. Plant the seeds, watch them grow and enjoy.

Can you image not having to run to the grocery store to buy vegetables to prepare dinner or lunch? The most common of vegetables that you need to prepare your meals are already there in your own vegetable garden. Depending upon the type of vegetables you decide to plant and your methods of preserving them, the economic benefits you get from your vegetable garden will be felt all year round. There is nothing better than creating a summer salad from the produce taken from your own garden, the produce that you have lovingly tended to throughout its growing life or pulling new potatoes to go with your Sunday Roast.

It’s a known fact these days that children prefer to eat “Fast Foods” e.g. Hotdogs, burgers and others and are likely to eat less vegetables at meal times. However with the increase of “Celebrity Chefs” flooding the bookstores with their recipes, there are many that show you a variety of meals to prepare that are both nutritious and appetizing even for the children. If the food you serve doesn’t look and taste boring, your children will prefer this to the “fast food” servings.

MORE NUTRITIOUS MEALS: With a variety of vegetables to cook from your garden, you’ll find it more pleasurable to cook and serve vegetable dishes to your family. This also means that all the family will enjoy all the numerous health benefits of eating fresh produce since vegetables contain many nutrients. The fact is that vegetables are LOW in FATS, CALORIES and contain NO CHOLESTEROL. Cholesterol is one of the highest health problems that affect many people in the world today.

By eating more vegetables you’ll also get a steady source of the following:

DIETARY FIBRE – This is very important for the normal bowel movement and is exceptionally good for the entire digestive system. Dietary fibre is also known to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and reportedly can fight off certain forms of cancers. If you’re also on a diet, eating vegetables will make you feel fuller faster. Vegetables that are rich in dietary fibre are PEAS, CARROTS, CABBAGE and SPINACH.

POTASSIUM – This is a necessary element for keeping BLOOD PRESSURE at a normal level. It’s also very important in keeping the BRAIN, MUSCLES and other TISSUES in the body functioning and working normally. Vegetables that are high with potassium include POTATOES, SQUASH, TOMATO, AUBERGINE and CELERY.

VITAMINS A, B and C – Vitamin A is very good for the eyes, it promotes bone growth, tooth development and helps maintain healthy skin and hair. Vitamin B is important because it helps the body cells convert carbohydrates into energy. It’s essential for the functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system. Vitamin C is necessary to maintain healthy connective tissues and is known to boost the immune system.

The following vegetables PEAS, LEEKS, CARROTS, ASPARAGUS, BROCCOLI and GREEN PEPPER are rich in Vitamin A. PARSNIPS, POTATOES, BROCCOLI, PEAS and BEANS are a great source of Vitamin B and RED CABBAGE, KALE, PARSLEY and TURNIP are rich in Vitamin C.

There are other Vitamins and Minerals that you can get from vegetables. These are CALCIUM, PHOSPHOROUS, SODIUM, MAGNESIUM, IRON, NIACIN, ZINC and MANGANESE.

By replacing the Lawn and Flower Beds with a Vegetable Garden, you’ll not have to expend your energy on cutting the grass every week in the summer or watering the lawn to stop it from going “brown” and many other things. Instead by creating a vegetable garden, you’re also contributing towards a healthier lifestyle for both yourself and your family, plus the satisfaction and pride each time you serve your family a meal whose vegetable ingredients you cultivated yourself in your vegetable garden. NOW YOU cannot GET THESE THINGS FROM A LAWN!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Overcoming the Devastating Effects of Arthritis Pain

It is another day–another day ruined by the devastating effects of arthritis pain. You’ve tried just about every pain remedy possible, but your suffering goes on and on. You wonder if you’ll ever find any relief from your misery. Your constant companions are hopelessness and extreme discomfort. Fortunately, after you read this short article, you’ll feel renewed hope and you’ll realize a pleasurable life is yours for the taking. At the conclusion of this article I reveal where you can discover secret arthritis treatments.

First, let’s make sure we understand what arthritis is all about. The area where 2 bones meet is a joint. Arthritis is a joint disorder featuring inflammation of one or more joints. At the same time, a joint moves the body parts connected by its bones. As you’re well aware of, arthritis normally means you suffer from joint pain.

Did you know that there are more than one hundred types of arthritis and many different causes of arthritis? Following are some of the causes.

If possible go through this article with care, the case and the results have a bunch of different versions. Unfortunately, arthritis often results from genetics, which means it’s hereditary. Excess weight, which also causes many other health problems. Hazards and high-level sports activities. Joint infections, gout and other medical conditions. Previous injuries that cause joint damage.

All the above not only seems rather unpleasant, but heartbreaking.

Let’s get to something more encouraging. Here’s a pleasant exercise for you. Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift back to a time when you performed your favorite activities with ease and with pleasure. Fortunately, the memories live on forever. Now let’s revive these wonderful moments by going forward in time. Can you see at least one of these pleasurable activities clearly? Miraculously, you completely enjoy it as if it never left you.

Here are some of the activities you can once again engage in. Just sit back, think about them and enjoy yourself.

Amazingly, you can go hours, even days without discomfort as you spend time outside in the yard, tending your garden, marveling at the reds, blues, yellows, violets and pinks your many varieties of flowers so proudly display. Maybe you love to go fishing. With a solid grip on your favorite cast, you withstand the good fight the Stripers(rockfish) put-up. You can actually sit-pain free. See yourself playing a winning hand of poker or a successful game of bridge. The misery of arthritis no longer breaks your concentration. Would not it be marvelous if you could enjoy shop projects and doing home repairs without collapsing in pain and fatigue? You see heartwarming pictures of grandparents playing with their grandchildren. These are pictures of you, because you happily keep up with them. You now possess the ability to bowl, horseback ride, golf or take a long walk on a brisk, sunny autumn morning.

By now, you’re probably wondering where the arthritis treatment secrets are hiding. Well you need not wonder anymore. A famous arthritis expert, who’s a MD, FACP, FACR and the Clinical Director of his own Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center, has finally revealed his secret arthritis treatments.

You know, we all still possess that youthful spirit that makes us feel healthy and vibrant. We deserve to feel this way. Why live with the debilitating pain that destroys the quality of life?

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Robert A. Meyer has an extensive background in many areas. For thirty years he has been investigating and studying economics, philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. For more than twenty years he has been involved in meditation practices to expand his power of reason and help him reach higher states of awareness. His sales career also helped give him a deeper understanding of human nature.

He’s dedicated to helping you experience optimum health always. He discovered many secrets that allow an individual to enjoy the highest levels of spiritual and physical fitness.

Robert A. Meyer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He currently lives in Garland, Texas.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms & Treatments

Any kind of joint disorders definitely need certain medications and some medically indicated procedures to relieve muscle aches. But these kinds of interventions would never suffice to fully treat rheumatoid arthritis since there is still a need to know more things when it comes to its treatment. More importantly, experts must find accurate ways in dealing with this condition since it’s believed to be a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation that affects various organs and tissues but mainly on the synovial joints. Pain is more likely to be experienced by someone having this condition as well as swelling on the affected part. Stiffness is also possible. In some cases, joints tend to lose their functions most especially if left untreated.

Experts have confirmed that this disease is a hereditary type. This means that it can run from generation to generation. Its causes may be due to the combination of some genes and other factors triggering the disease. The most common individuals who are unlucky to acquire this disorder are those having the human leukocyte antigen or HLA. This group of people have higher chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis compared to those who never acquired that particular gene.


There are instances when the symptoms of this disease can be intermittent or recurrent but it’s typically reliant on the degree of inflammation. Sometimes, the disease only attacks the sufferer if the tissues are inflamed. The most common symptoms include: swelling in one or more joints, lack of appetite, body weakness, mild hyperthermia, severe pain in one more joints and morning stiffness.

Let’s continue with this brief article. Knowing that rheumatoid arthritis is considered to be a systemic type of disease, it’s very important for everyone to fathom that the joints aren’t the only parts that can be affected. In fact, there are cases where other vital organs can be perturbed as well. To exemplify, this disease can also cause an inflammation to the glands located in the mouth and eyes leading to the dryness of the affected organ.

First Symptoms of Arthritis

Today, the study of determining more causative agents of this condition conducted by several health care professionals is still underway. Nevertheless, it may only be a matter of time before the most accurate treatment can be discovered. Experts also concluded that an aberrant increase of uric acid is not the only triggering factor of rheumatoid arthritis. Other agents leading to this disease may also include: excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, dehydration, fever, surgical procedures and the adverse reactions of some medications.

Let me proceed with this short post. Knowing that some causes occur during the activities of daily living, it’s imperative for a person to do lifestyle modifications to dwindle the chances of developing this disorder. Such measures include: switching to a healthy diet, consistent physical exercises, moderate drinking of alcoholic drinks and parrying too much activities that are strenuous.

The bad news is that there hasn’t been any type of drug or procedure that can completely cure rheumatoid arthritis. Then again, certain drugs are available which can at least suppress the attack. By preventing the exacerbation of this disease, one could fully improve his or her quality of life.

All of this is very important part of this topic. There are also drugs that can prevent the attack of rheumatoid arthritis. Even so, many of these medications can have major adverse reactions so it’s important for physicians to prescribe those that have lesser side effects only. Other forms of treatment can include: sufficient rest, physical therapy, good nutrition and some drugs to suppress the immune system.

Definitely, it’s always important to consult with your doctor if you’re experiencing another episode of rheumatoid arthritis. That way, the doctor can immediately find a way to manage it.

Find out more about rheumatoid arthritis and how to stop the pain

Arthritis Symptoms Arthritis Symptoms. Of more than one hundred different kinds of arthritis, these are the most common types and their symptoms: Osteoarthritis Arthritis Symptoms

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Health Risks of Second Hand Smoke

Second Hand Smoke is Harmful In a recent study of casino workers, it was shown that 57% of employees that were exposed to high levels of second hand smoke believed that their health had been harmed and 91% wanted to transfer to other jobs where they wouldn’t be exposed to it. Many of these workers missed more days from work than the employees that weren’t near smokers. Some of the symptoms that workers complained of were:

Headaches o Dizziness o Asthma o Coughing o Upset Stomach

Amazingly enough, the second hand smoke workers often missed more work than the smokers themselves. Some attribute this to the fact that the smokers are seemingly immune to the smoke.

The Effects of Second Hand Smoke on Infants As far as the health of infants, some of the most serious damage from second hand smoke is damage to the bronchial tubes which are smaller than adults. Infants have more difficulty breathing, which can in turn lead to several short term and long term health issues including:

Bronchitis o Asthma o Pneumonia o Tonsillitis o Ear Infections

Make sure you study this article properly, the case and the solutions have some different versions. Conclusion Quitting smoking is the best thing that a person can don’t only for themselves but for those around them. While people who smoke are aware of the health risks associated with smoking, and make that decision to light up anyway, those around them aren’t given that same choice. It’s no surprise that smoking is becoming banned in many public places and many states no longer allow smoking within a certain number of feet from a structure. To think that it was not that long ago that people were able to smoke on domestic flights in the United States. We’re in a time where new information is available to us and research is always being done on the risks to health of tobacco use. This information however is only as good as the number of people that heed the warnings and make the changes.

Secondhand Smoking

For more information on how smoking can hurt those you love and why now is the time to find a smoking cessation program to help you, please visit Quitting Smoking Improves Health today.

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Bulimia Treatment & Recovery

The increase in the prevalence of eating disorders in the past decade is a cause for concern and as a society we must take notice and work to change our attitudes about body and health. These disorders develop more commonly in young adults as they struggle to form self identity and body acceptance. There are several types of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, and binge eating.

Early Diagnosis Helps Quicker and More Effective Recovery

What is Bulimia Nervosa?

All eating disorders need adequate treatment. Bulimia needs to be treated after detections and diagnosis as the disorder can have serious health implications and can even reach life-threatening proportions. Diagnosis often takes time as the affected person doesn’t acknowledge the disorder willingly. A person affected by bulimia is caught up in a vicious cycle of binging followed by purging. This is often done in secret, and because their may be no change in body weight or size, it can be difficult to diagnose. Bulimia treatment and recovery is possible if treated comprehensively after diagnosis. The treatment is carried out in specialized centers and can be outpatient, day or residential depending on the severity of the disorder.

Treatment centers should provide a safe and comforting environment where the person participates in various therapy sessions and modalities of therapy. These therapies are both individual and group. The affected person is treated physically as well as psychologically. It’s very important to normalize the body weight with regulate food intake and exercise. It’s equally important to find out the underlying causes which led to the disorder in the first place. These emotional reasons are to be handled with delicacy and treated accordingly.The patient is encouraged to interact with similarly affected people in the treatment center and is also encouraged to help others with eating disorders. Therapy is focused on developing a sense of self separate from the eating disorder identity and distortions. The family is also involved in the treatment and asked to provide maximum support to the person. Regular follow up sessions are scheduled to prevent relapse.

Bulimia Treatment – Castlewood is a residential eating disorder treatment center providing professional treatment for bulimia, anorexia nervosa, compulsive over-eating and binge eating disorders.

Bulimia – Treatment – NHS Choices You can recover from bulimia, but it may be a long and difficult process. The first step towards getting better is to recognise the problem and to have a.

Bulimia nervosa: Treatments and drugs – MayoClinic.com When you have bulimia, you may need several types of treatment, although combining psychotherapy with antidepressants may be the most effective for

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Top three Ways to Cure Arthritis Hand Pain | Arthritis Hand Pain

Hand arthritis can occur mainly in 3 areas, such as wrist joint, finger joints, and knuckle joints. When these joints are affected by arthritis, daily activities such as writing, threading needle or tying shoelace etc. Become very difficult. Out of all forms, hand arthritis is very perilous. However it’s possible to get relief from pains associated through natural remedies.

Top 3 ways to cure arthritis hand pains are:

-Use of Alternative Medicines: Few alternative medicines are found to be very successful in relieving pain. One of the most popular alternative medicines is the use of herbs & massages. Acupuncture and visiting a chiropractor can be equally helpful for curing hand pain.

-Non-surgical Treatment: 3 most popular non-surgical treatments are medications, injections, and splinting.

Medication: Medications works as anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatories are capable of stopping the body from producing chemical, responsible for swelling & pain. Tylenol and Advil are 2 most popular over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. Celebrex is a popular prescription drug for arthritic pain relief. Though medications treat symptoms, they’re unable to restore joint cartilage or joint damage.

Injections: When anti-inflammatory medications are ineffective, injections are used. These injections contain a long lasting anesthetic & steroid. These injections are capable of providing pain relief, which can varies from weeks to months depending upon the amount of doses.

Splinting: Splints have to be used when joint hurts. The splint helps to support the joints. Splinting works along with injections as supplementary.

One other helpful thing in relation to this study. -Surgical Treatment: If non-surgical option fails to relief the arthritis hand pains, then surgery should be preferred. Usually surgery is the best option in providing long-term pain relief. Joint replacement is one of the popular methods in the surgical treatment.

Though these are the best 3 ways to cure arthritis hand pain, these can have possible site effects. Possible side effects of injections are lightening of the skin, weakening of the tendons and ligaments. Infections may be one of the major side effects of these practices.

How to cure arthritis pain-Joint Pain Remedy.wmv – YouTube

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My akita is slowing down and developing a limp,arthritis? My akita is 6. She has begun slowing down over the last year but i've noticed more recently occasionally she has a limp of her front right leg. Its not there all the time, mostly in the mornings or when she first gets up. This morning she struggled to get down the stairs… Ive noticed she’ll go out to do her jobs, isnt overly interested in a long walk will sit down when she's had enough resultng in me calling my husband out of work to come pick us up in the car (Im not carrying an akita home!) so Ive slowed down walking her. On a typical day she’ll get up go out to do her stuff and go back upstairs to bed where she’ll stay till around 3-4pm then come down wanting food and to go out again and will take part in the family (she always used to want to be around us constantly). She’s insured but I dont want to put her through arthritis treatment as my husband suffers and is in chronic pain with it even with pain medication. I know she hasnt hurt it, and I,ve checked her paws and flexed her leg and found nothing she seems to be limping from the shoulder… Again this is more common in the morning and gradually wears off through the day once she’s up and around but she’s choosing to lie down a lot more in the day making the whole thing more noticable. She last saw the vet around six weeks ago for some lumps but they turned out to be nothing. She had the limp then and they just said she's getting older.